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Stora Sand (Utö)

Stora Sand is definitely one of the most scenic beaches in Stockholm’s archipelago. Surrounded by a military training area, it remains rarely visited. It is located at Utö, one of the larger islands, which can be reached by ferry from Stockholm in roughly 2.5 hours. Head to either Spränga or Alö, the neighboring island connected by a little bridge. From both piers, it’s a 1.5 to 2 hours easy walk. Alternatively, simple bicycles are available for rent, whereas former minibus connections seem to be abandoned. There are no signs pointing the way to Stora Sand (do not confuse with Storsand on Alö, also a nice beach), but orientation is facilitated by the military maps mounted at every entrance to the area (see picture below).

 How to get to Stora Sand, Utö, Stockholm archipelago
Map of the military training area at Utö (edited)

Due to the quite long journey, it makes sense to camp next to the beach for at least one night. However, it is of vital importance to check the military training schedule beforehand! Even during opening hours to the public, a risk due to potentially live ammunition remains. Make sure to pay attention to the signs and regulations and be aware of your own risk when visiting this area. Apart from that, don’t forget to bring enough food and, most importantly, plenty of drinking water, since there is no supply nearby Stora Sand. A visit to the restaurants “Batshaket” or “Matsson” close to the starting/end points in Alö and Spränga respectively can round off the trip, but opening hours are limited to the high season (from mid-June until the beginning of September).

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